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Are you looking to build a significant business
with Max International? If so ...

What Would Your Paycheck Look Like If You Had A Steady Stream Of Quality Prospects To Talk To On A Daily Basis?

Dear Friend,

Over the past few months we have cracked the code on finding quality leads and now we are ready to unleash those secrets through the Impact System.

The Impact System is a fool-proof lead capture and prospect manager system with an UNBELIEVABLE bonus...training videos that will help you drive real traffic to your page.

In the past, companies and leaders have provided really neat looking systems that unfortunately site idol on the internet with no traffic. The Impact System changes all of that with video tutorials that show you exactly how to drive qualified leads to your site.

The Impact System will help you...

  • Learn to build a list of target market prospects for your Max International Business!
  • Have people come to you 24/7 to hear about your business!
  • Have people call you to hear about your business!
  • Have a complete auto responder series customized with your name, email, phone number and Max International Registration Link!
  • Learn to how to target and dominate key niche markets for Maxgxl and Maxwlx products!
  • Learn to build an army of internet recruiters that will prospect for you day in day out, for weeks and months to come
  • Learn the secrets of hypnotic writing and seductive advertising and how to get your ads in front of tens of thousands of people.

When you click the link below you will:

Start Learning How To Have an Endless Supply of
Qualified Prospects for my Max International Business!

You also get,

A contact manager so you don't have to worry about managing your prospects, complete with calendar and note taking functionality, email updates so you can call your prospects as soon as they fill out the forms or right after they view your videos!

Multiple self replicated websites that are hypnotically designed to entice target market audiences, including a replicated blog just for Max International Distributors!

Multiple auto responders that will continuously show your prospects the benefit in working with YOU, all of which are custom branded with your name, and phone number at every step.

The secret to success in Network Marketing is not beating on your friends and neighbors to come to your meeting, it is finding qualified leads that want to hear from you.

Start Impacting Your Business TODAY!

To Your Success!
The Impact System Mentors